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A-Board Banner Snap Banner Stand Clip Frame Digital Display
Very effective poster presentation. Excellent for outdoor applications. This very stable, free-standing double-sided poster display is based on aluminum snap frame technique. Unique, specially designed banner presentation system for hanging heavy and large banners; indoors as well as outdoors. The aluminum Clamp- profile fixes the banner strongly and prevents it from slipping out. Very popular banner presentation construction; transportable and storable; tight and very Sturdy; fast and easy to setup: vertical and evenly flat banner presentation; transport bag is included. Very elegant and very popular poster presentation frame. The integrated snap technology provides fast and easy poster change. Clip frames are great for wall-mount or shop window applications. Our industry-leading, digital signage is an extremely valuable tool for advertising, educating and informing. With the ability to customize content and deliver it to dynamic displays, this technology is adaptable to all applications.
Info-Pole Poster Light Poster Snap Poster Stretch Sign Shop
Innovative free-Standing poster presentation System with optional brochure holder. The Info-Pole consists of Sturdy aluminum construction and a Clip frame mounted on it. High quality backlit poster presentation with snap frame technique. Great for wall-mount, ceiling-hung or shop window applications. The single-sided version is only 2” (52 mm) deep. Very stylish poster presentation. Excellent for ceiling-hung, wall-mount or shop window applications. The profiles are anodized in silver colour. Very impressive poster presentation. Excellent for ceiling-hung, wall-mount or shop window applications. The aluminum lightweight frame evenly stretches the poster from 4 corners. Elegant sign presentation system for indoor and outdoor wall-mount applications. lt is often used for advertising, way-finding, door tags.
QF100 Series QF200 Series QF300 Series Pop-Up Display Retractable Stand
Monsoon Storm Pro Whirlwind Wind Dancer Zoom

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